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Roberto Biella Battista – Brussels – Schaerbeek

Who am I ? Psychologist Brussels

roberto biella battista psychotherapeute bruxelles

Roberto Biella Battista, psychotherapist

Licensed with the Italian Psychological Association as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specializing in transcultural psychotherapy and psychotraumatology, I deal with stress management, burn-out, trauma, adjustment and mood disorders: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder.

Reflective listening is the foundation of my therapeutic approach and helps addressing difficulties and discomfort while coping with changes, relocations, career mobility and search for a new balance.

I hold as well a degree in foreign languages, which allows me to perform psychotherapy sessions in English, French and of course in Italian. Professional trainer on stress management and certified Pilates teacher (PMA), I use, if necessary, mind-body techniques to enhance self-awareness and mastery.

What drives you to look for help?

  • The fear of not reaching your goals;
  • Facing a void in meaning for life;
  • The difficulty in making meaningful connections with others;
  • Sadness and depression;
  • A feeling of guilty which impairs decision making;
  • A habit you are not proud and cannot get rid of;
  • A traumatic event which fractured your experience of life;
  • Anxiety which worsens daily life;
  • The willingness to better know yourself…

We can discuss about all this simply by meeting up. Stop suffering: you deserve it. Do not hesitate.

Psychologist Brussels

Psychologist Brussels