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Who am I ? Therapist Liège

gaetane gilliot therapeute liegeI’m happy to accompany you towards inner peace and harmony thanks to energy healing. Therapist

The first step is to acknowledge or recognise the deep cause of suffering and to localise the problem in the body.

Then, we release the beliefs or energies and we give another information to the body part (or organ).

Eventually, I will invite you to move towards a positif goal or vision in order to know where you want to go. I can share with you some useful tips to cope with stress or anxiety – if necessary.

I’m certified in Integral Energetic Healing (7 levels) and in Non-Dual Therapy. Therapist

I’m also mindfulness instructor MBSR since 10 years and I’ve helped a lot of companies to cope with stress and difficult emotions. I’m also a yoga teacher since 5 years, now.

I look forward to meeting you !

Therapist Liège