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Aylin Eryuruk – Schaerbeek

juliette raoul duval psychotherapeute gestalt bruxelles

Juliette Raoul-Duval – Etterbeek – Ixelles – Rhode-Saint-Genèse

Who am IMake an appointment Who am I ? Etterbeek - Ixelles - Rhode-Saint-Genèse I am a Gestalt psychotherapist. I currently work in private practice in Rhode Saint Genèse (between Uccle and Waterloo) and Brussels (Ixelles), offering psychotherapy to adults, children & adolescents. When working with children, I also see families and offer parenting support. [...]
joelle kilimnik psychotherapeute bruxelles

Joelle Kilimnik – Etterbeek

Who am IMake an appointment Who am I ? Psychotherapist Etterbeek I am a graduate of the Free University of Brussels in Linguistics, Columbia University (New York) in English and Comparative Literature and the Belgium Institute of Gestalt therapy as a Gestalt psychotherapist. I have shared my time between my private psychotherapy practice and managed-care [...]

Isabelle Oberman – Ixelles – Dilbeek

Wie ben ik?Maak een afspraak Wie ben ik? psychotherapeut Ixelles - Dilbeek Het leven is geen rustig kabbelende rivier maar wel een weg bezaaid met hindernissen . Na wisselende beroepservaringen als verkoopster, jeugdbegeleidster, schooljuf, commercieel raadgever, ben ik huwelijks- en gezinsadviseur geworden in 2005. Als al deze uiteenlopende ervaringen van mij de vrouw gemaakt hebben [...]
isabelle oberman psychotherapeute grand bigard

Isabelle Oberman – Ixelles – Dilbeek

Who am IMake an appointment Who am I ? Psychotherapist Ixelles - Dilbeek “Life isn’t an easy ride” After a career as a salesperson and commercial consultant, I finally became a couple and family counsellor in 2005. Today, I am both a teacher and counsellor.If those different and various professional experiences have certainly shaped the [...]

Caroline Horschel – Lillois – Biercée

Who am IMake an appointment Who am I ? My name is Caroline Horschel,  I am a psychotherapist in transactional analysis . Transactional Analysis is my main working tool. It is a humanistic approach to psychotherapy which is one of four major trends recognized by law. It has as basic principle that all human beings [...]
aly sassi psychotherapeute coach bruxelles

Aly Sassi – Ixelles – Uccle

Who am IMake an appointment Who am I ? Coach and systemic psychotherapist, I have 20 years of professional experience in different services and institutions in Brussels (mediation/ psychotherapy/ youth work/ mental health). My systemic approach leads me to consider each person in a "global" way. In my vision, each person is in continuous interaction [...]